March 22, 2023


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What Is a Mortgage Refinance?

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What Is a Mortgage Refinance?

What Is a Mortgage Refinance? Many questions regarding what is a mortgage refinancing? Many times people are left asking what is Mortgage Refinancing? This is usually done to save on time and expense incurred in paying off a mortgage.

what is Mortgage Refinance


How does a mortgage refinance work?

A mortgage refinance will help you retain your home and avoid foreclosure. For instance, if you were to refinance to lower your monthly payment and raise your interest rates you would have a better chance of avoiding foreclosure. If you have little-to-no-down payment home loans or poor credit scores, it will still be beneficial to refinance to lower your monthly payments and/or interest rates. While these loans are harder to acquire, they offer the opportunity for homeowners to repair their credit scores.

Mortgage Refinance allows you to pay-off your mortgage faster than you might otherwise. Homeowners have a choice when it comes to refinancing their loans; opting for a fixed-rate refinancing that remains at the same interest rates as your current mortgage; or opting for a combination of refinancing options. While choosing a fixed-rate refinance may offer immediate relief, an adjustable-rate refinance can save you money in the long-term.

Another benefit to refinancing is the opportunity to take advantage of a low or no cost break-even point. The term of your new loan will determine your break-even point. A low break-even point allows you to make one low payment every month without the extra expense of paying interest.

One of the most popular reasons why homeowners refinance is to build equity within their property. With a mortgage refinancing, house owners can take advantage of the equity that already exists within their property.

Many homeowners choose to use mortgage refinance as a method to save money on their taxes.  In addition, a lower interest rate helps to reduce your taxable income and thereby lower your overall tax bill. In some cases, a mortgage refinance can even save you money on the principal of your mortgage.

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