The basket of the 100% Health audiology offer

The basket of the 100% Health Audiology offer offers a wide choice of discreet and high-performance hearing aids with many features. From 1er January 2021, this equipment is fully refunded.

Hearing aids are listed in two categories allowing policyholders to freely choose the equipment of their choice, whether they are fully or partially reimbursed:

Class I
It corresponds to the 100% Health offer with a wide choice of quality and high-performance hearing aids 100% reimbursed. Hearing aids are fully covered by responsible complementary health contracts from 1er January 2021.

The cart includes:

 All types of hearing aids: classic behind-the-ear, remote earbud and in-ear behind-the-ear;
 12 adjustment channels to ensure an adequacy of the correction to the hearing disorder (or device of equivalent quality);
 At least 3 of the following options that allow the insured to choose from a range of features according to his needs: anti-tinnitus system, wireless connectivity, wind noise reducer, binaural synchronization, adaptive microphone directivity, extended bandwidth ≥ 6,000 Hz, sound learning function, anti-reverberation device.

These hearing aids are backed by associated warranties (minimum 30-day pre-purchase hearing aid testing and 4-year warranty) and follow-up services (at least twice a year) to continuously adjust the device setting.

Class II
It is composed of hearing aids that do not belong to the 100% Health basket and whose prices are freely defined by the audioprosthetist:

 The coverage by Social Security is identical to that of the basket of the 100% Health offer.
 These hearing aids are not necessarily fully covered by responsible contracts, depending on the guarantees chosen by the insured. These contracts cover a maximum of €1,700 per ear to be fitted (including compulsory health insurance).

How to benefit from the 100% Health Audiology offer?

It is necessary for a doctor to certify your hearing loss. To benefit from the 100% Health offer:

1. Consult your doctor to prescribe a consultation with an otolaryngologist (ENT) doctor or consult a general practitioner specializing in medical otology.
After a complete audiological assessment, if your hearing loss is objectified by the doctor [1], and a hearing aid is a suitable solution, the doctor prescribes one or two hearing aids (respectively if your hearing loss is unilateral or bilateral).

2. Make an appointment with the audioprosthetist of your choice, who will advise you in the choice of hearing aids (type, functionality, maintenance …) and will give you a detailed quote necessarily including at least one equipment from the 100% Health offer.

3. If you wish to fit, you can choose the hearing aid(s) of your choice (category I or category II). You have at least 30 days of trial before purchase, during which you can attest to the improvement or not of your hearing abilities.

4. Following this trial period, you will be able to make an informed choice about your decision to fit or not. If necessary, during the 4 years following your purchase, you can consult your audio prosthetist free of charge for the monitoring and control of your equipment.

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