Best Free Fire sensitivity settings for more headshots November2022

Best Free Fire sensitivity settings for more headshots November2022

Hitting headshots is one of the fastest and most effective methods to take out opponents in Garena Free Fire. Users may enhance their general aim and master the art of headshots by practicing frequently.

Aim is affected by a few other factors as well, such as sensitivity settings. Because of this, gamers must have the ideal sensitivity settings.

There are some ranges where gamers may perform at their best, despite the fact that the settings are dependent on personal tastes. Find out how to get more headshots with Free Fire by reading on.

Players must not use their smartphones to play Free Fire because it is forbidden in India. Instead, they can play FF MAX as it is legal to do so in the nation.

The best sensitivity settings for Free Fire to achieve more headshots

For headshots, players should keep their sensitivity levels near the higher end of the spectrum. This will enable them to aim their sights at their adversaries’ heads. The following are the suggested game parameters for players to use:

  • 95 to 100 in general
  • Scope: 75 – 854x Red Dot: 90 – 1002x Scope: 70 – 80
  • 65-75mm Sniper Scope
  • 80 to 90 free looks
    Users may need a few days to get used to these settings, but once they do, their aim and gameplay will significantly advance. The aforementioned ranges are based on the author’s viewpoint, but players can modify them further to fit their unique needs and playing preferences, making them more effective.

How to modify the game’s sensitivity settings
The following procedures may be used by players to modify the sensitivity settings in the battle royale game:

Step 1: To access the game’s settings menu, users may run Free Fire on their mobile devices and hit the “Settings” icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: To find the various sensitivities on their screen, people must then tap on the “Sensitivity” section.

Step 3: Players should edit the settings as desired and save them.

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